Terms of Service


All orders are a delayed presentment. The product will be produced upon completion of the project.  Please remember that production and shipping is typically 45-60 days but may take a little longer, depending on how the project for your community goes.

A great deal of work goes into the production of the Ad copy for your approval. We have talented designers working hard on your advertisement. To insure they are properly compensated to industry standards we must adhere to a strict policy for invoicing clients.

All sales are final.  Your CVC code represents your signature.  We have a NO REFUND policy.


Ad copy must be sent to  adcopy@firesafetymagnets.com within a week of the purchase date. A proof will then be made and emailed for advertiser approval. If ad copy is not provided via email or US postal mail we will use information found on the internet and the information provided at the time of the sale to build an ad copy without liability to us.


1. An editable PDF of your ad is the best to send us so we can use it directly. DO NOT FLATTEN THE PDFs. Doing so makes them terrible as ad copy in most cases and they must be redone completely. Many times flattening destroys the quality of the artwork and your ad will come out blurry. By far the best form of artwork at this time is Vector art which is handled through Adobe Illustrator in most design houses. It would be best to send art work in TIFF file which is best for print and a editable PDF of your ad.

2. A drawing or diagram is a big help for our designers as they show us exactly how you want the parts of the ad arranged. Keep in mind that in advertising less wording is better as the ad can get cluttered. This blurs the fundamental purpose of advertising which is to give something people they will remember. You don’t want them to have to memorize your information.

3. The original artwork for logos, backgrounds etc should always be used over a copy. (If you send us a scan it will be poor quality and no longer our liability after the proof.)

4. Detailed instruction for your ad (If you do not specify exactly what you want the missing parts will be filed in by our designers.)

Acceptable File Formats
The following are all acceptable forms of ad copy in order from best to worst. Please not that if your ad copy looks bad on your computer even sending it these formats will not change this.

In some cases a bitmap(.bmp) is acceptable however it is not recommended.
All ad copy should be no less than 300 dpi.
The larger the better. This does not mean blowing up a smaller ad it will still look bad. A good logo size is 4×4 in 300dpi

.jpegs, .gif, or docx files.
Each one of these downgrades your artwork considerably because of the compression techniques they us and should never be used for ad copy. If you send us these formats your ad will simply not look as good.


A proof of the final product will be emailed or faxed to all advertisers prior to print. If a response is not received within 48 hours we will go to print without liability to us for incorrect information.