How long has Fire Safety Magnets been in business, and how many fire departments do we work with?
We have proudly been in business since 2013.  We have done this simple yet effective fire safety campaign for over 2,000 different departments across the United States.  We have signed contracts in place with city, county and volunteer fire departments, emergency management offices, public education entities and firefighter museums.

When do these magnets get to the local fire department?
Final production of the magnets typically takes about 45-60 days from the date you sign up.  Most of the time it is faster, however, every now and then it will take a little longer. It mostly depends on how much time is spent by each sponsor to approve their graphics.

How does the graphics process work?
Every customer has 2 weeks to approve their artwork.  After signing up, you will be put in touch with our world-class graphics team.  Their email address is  They are also available by phone if necessary.  The graphics team will work back and forth with you on your proof until you approve it.  There is no additional charge for this process. All changes to your proof must be done by email.  If we do not receive a response from you on your proof within a timely manner, one of our Senior Project Managers will call you to follow up.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your proof before going into production.

What form of payments are accepted?
Our company accepts all major credit cards, and payments are accepted over the phone on a completely secure line. Payments are submitted by our billing department using a secure payment portal, Every customer gets a receipt the same day of purchase, and a paid-in-full invoice from our billing department within 24 hours. We recommend that you keep the paid-in-full invoice for tax purposes as this is tax-deductible.

Does each sponsor get sample magnets?
Yes, each sponsor receives a small sample box of magnets.  We typically ship each sponsor 2 complimentary magnets so that our clients can see the quality of the final product.  

Do any of the funds from the one-time advertising fee go directly to the fire department?
This is not a donation or a fundraiser, so no they do not. The funds go towards the graphics and production of the product, and the Fire Departments receive these magnets free of charge.

What is the refund policy?
The funds collected at the time of purchase are used to design the custom graphics/artwork along with the production and shipping of the product itself.  Because of that, we have a strict no refund policy. Our intentions are that our clients know this prior to signing up and are comfortable with the purchase.