What we do

We are contracted by your local fire department to produce an 8 1/2 x 11 dry erase magnet.  

The goal of the magnet is to save lives, while simultaneously providing local businesses with affordable and long term exposure. Each magnet will be distributed by your local fire department and is displayed on refrigerators for 3-5 years. 

Each magnet is equipped with a QR code connected to downloadable resources for safety tips and advertisements on the front along with emergency phone numbers and space to write other important information. 

The magnets are given to your local fire department free of charge for use in their fire safety programs.

sample boards

Benefits to advertisers

Our products are designed and produced by professionals. We take great pride in our finished product and have served over 2,000 fire departments and 40,000 satisfied customers since 2013.  Here are some ways your company can benefit from our program:

  • Guaranteed Distribution by the Fire Department
  • Displayed in Homes and Businesses
  • Long Term Visibility 3-5 year Shelf Life
  • Full-Color – High Resolution Print
  • Industry Exclusive – No Competition
  • One Time Sponsorship

What are the options

Below is a break down of our pricing.

One-Time Pricing:

2×4 – $750

2×8 – $1500

4×4 – $1500

4×8 – $2000